Every girl or woman during their lives comes to conclusion, that fashion has some canons that never change, I mean there are always some items that are always in style, so that every girl or woman has those in her wardrobe and no matter what kind of event is going to be, these savers will help when it comes to “nothing to wear” problem. If you are interested to know which are these items, then you can start with this simple list of chic and elegant pieces that never go out of style. I am sure, that this list has to be added with other items, that will suit everyday’s and evening style women’s look.

1. Straight leg jeans

straight leg jeans never go out of style

No matter if they are dark blue or blue, straight leg jeans are casual, every day basics, that will be suitable for work, walkings, cocktail parties and other various occasions. You can simply wear these jeans with an everyday tee and flats for a sporty look, yet if you want going-out look, then try on heels and embellished top. What I love about these pretty everyday item is that they look great on hourglass-shaped, rectangular bodies.

2. Pencil skirt

pencil skirts never go out of style

This item is classy and elegant and suits various body types, just pay attention to the length of your pencil skirt, as it can be above the knee and go to mid-calf length, so be careful to choose appropriate one. Pencil skirt is a good example of everyday office-appropriate outfit, as it looks great with different clothing, so that if you team it with high heels, chic accessories and dressy top then your look will be perfect for going out.

3. Leather jacket

leather jackets never go out of style

Leather jackets add edgy touch to any outfit, as you can team jacket with feminine chiffon dress and I tell you 100 percent, your look will be amazing as never before, or you can make a casual style look, by teaming tee, pair of jeans, heels or sneakers with leather jacket so that you look modern, edgy. I personally think that leather jacket upgrades any style and makes it outstanding.

4. Trench coat

timeless trench coat

I’ve already mentioned leather jacket, yet trench coats are meant for a bit freezy days or at spring or fall times. This outerwear can be worn with classic and elegant outfits, like dresses or pantsuits, or it can be worn with jeans, simple tee (I prefer wearing white tee with dark hued trench-coat) for casual look.

5. Little black dress

timeless little black dress

I think LBD’s will never go out of fashion, it’s so trendy and hot. Did you know, that little black dresses were popularized by Coco Chanel in 1920’s, so it’s already one century, as these dresses stay popular in modern lady’s wardrobe. Notice, that LBD’s should have simple silhouette and (it’s very important) made from high quality fabrics. Depending on your body shape you can choose different style of little black dresses.

6. Pearl necklace

timeless pearl necklace

To underline your personality I advice you to wear Pearl necklace that never goes out of fashion and is a timeless style, so that you can always enjoy your time by wearing it on different special occasions.

7. Black and nude stilettos

classy timeless black and nude stilettos

Yes, there are plenty of shoe trends that come and go away every season, yet one style never goes out of fashion and it’s classy stilettos that suits every woman’s wardrobe. Black and nude high-heeled shoes will look perfect on any girl or woman, so if you don’t have one pair of these shoes, then run, run dears and buy one for yourself. These shoes will go perfect with any outfit (except yoga pants, of course).