Every girl or woman wants to be unique and bright, that’s why she always experiments with her look and appearance. Women change the hair color, their haircuts, clothing style and make up. I think every girl or woman wondered at least once in her life: which women’s hairstyles men love? Let’s sit back an see some basics that men find interesting in women.

All men look at the overall appearance of a girl or woman, I am not saying that everyone stares on your chest or skirt (well, everyone does), but the style and beauty are sticked together. That’s why if you are dating a boy with dirty hair, I don’t think that he is so fascinated with you, that doesn’t pay attention to your hair cleanliness. So, keep your hair clear and styled- forever and ever! There must not be no greasy hair. French stylists say: the dry and clear hair is already a nice hairstyle. Anyway, men do love women who care about their tidiness.

Men dislike those hairstyles that are quite long to be made, just imagine your boy or husband who waits for you almost all day long, till you are ready. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that sometimes girls and women use too much of hairspray and gel, it makes an effect of dirty hair, men love to touch the hair which is like silk and sleek.

Men have nothing against the hair coloring, but there is one but. Girls should always keep attention on her hair roots, coloring it on time and I think most of girls will agree with me. Boys and men do not like extreme color shades, no rainbow colors, trust me. The majority of guys dislike dreadlocks, well, if your boy has the dreadlocks, then you may try it on.

The length of hair DOES matter for the men. Most men love women’s hairstyles with long hair, while wearing too long hair is not okay. The best length which can be worn is till the waist (the maximum length). Remember to regularly wash your long hair and keep it clean.

Some men love curly, while other like sleek hair, that’s why if you have a straight hair do not be afraid of making curls. I personally like when women make a ponytail, it looks timeless and very feminine, it really drives me crazy. This style makes woman to look like a real business woman or a wild Amazon woman, all depends on your accessories.