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summer outfit for curvy women

What Should Curvy Women Wear In The Summer

If you are a curvy woman, then you probably are interested in ideas of what to wear this summer. I’d like to share with you some of the best ideas of plus size fashion outfits to wear this warm season. In this Polyvore compilation we are going to see lovely and fresh combinations, starting from ... Read More

outfits with leggings under a dress

How To Wear Leggings Under A Dress

Today we will speak about how to wear leggings under the dress. No matter if you are trying to feel a bit ... Read More

How To Wear: Peplum

It feels like a City Queen. Being super trendy and well dressed is no more a hard thing, as lots of brands ... Read More

How To Wear: Women’s Belts

How to wear belt to look trendy and stylish- that’s the question for many fashionistas nowadays. Tha ... Read More

20 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie

Remember Sixties and Seventies clothing? I remember fresh colors, bright hues and self-made styles. Today I want to share with you 20 awesome ways to dress like a real hippie. The following Polyvore collection consists of awesome clothing combinations, including psychedelic colors, tie dye shirts, maxi skirts, ... Read More

Modern hipster looks

Modern Hipster Looks

Let’s see real modern hipster looks. It’s quite easy to say if a boy or a girl is a hipster, as everything ... Read More

How to Wear: Floral Print Dresses Are In Style

Florals are the perfect compliment to any woman. Today I am going to share with you best floral print dres ... Read More

How To Style Glam Rock

How to Style: Glam Rock

Today we are going to talk about glam rock style, which is also known as glitter rock. It’s a style ... Read More