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long evening dresses inspiration ideas

Long Evening Dresses Inspiration Ideas

In today’s post we are going to speak about awesome long evening dresses. You are going to see awesome inspiration ideas which will make you look special and stunning during s ... Read More

long maxi dresses for winter

Long Maxi Dresses For Winter

When someone says long dress, I imagine maxi gown. But in real life, length of the frock can be either below your knees, ankle or floor-length. In today’s post I want to show ... Read More

how to style sweatshirts for spring summer

How To Style: Sweatshirts For Spring Summer

Oh, that Sporty Chic Style! Sweatshirts look like ‘I don’t care how I look’ (but I know I am gorgeous). Nowadays fashion paradox is the less you try the better you ... Read More

how to wear black skinny jeans

How To Wear Black Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are in favorite by many stylists, brands, women, bloggers etc. for already several seasons. That’s the most important part of every stylish girl/woman wardrobe. T ... Read More

celebrities style

Celebrities Style Of Clothing

Sometimes you remember certain people by their look and the way they dress and their style of clothing becomes a business card. Let’s take a look at some celebrities style: 1. ... Read More

try this trend jumpsuits for women

Try This Trend Now: Jumpsuits For Women

If you want to try on something fresh, chic and sophisticated, check out this collection of jumpsuits for women. This outfit works for everybody, no matter what is your body type. I ... Read More

street style denim & leather

Street Style: Denim & Leather

Let’s have a look at this year’s voguish trend: denim & leather. That’s a sophisticated and edgy look, which is so popular among many celebrities nowadays. I l ... Read More

on trend cropped sweaters for fall winter

On Trend Cropped Sweaters For Fall Winter

This Winter we are having another great trend called cropped sweaters. They evoke memories of 1990’s styles heroines, but in a fresh, contemporary way. If you are sick of wear ... Read More

trend 90's style comeback

Trends: 90’s Style Comeback

Fashion world trends are like spirals, everything goes circle by circle. Now that the 1980’s are away, I see lots of women appear in 1990’s inspired looks. Take a closer ... Read More

women's vests outfitswomen's vests for pre fall

Women’s Vests For Pre-Fall

There is one garment what is an ideal cover up for transitional weather: I’m talking about women’s vests. Today I want to share with you some of the best women’s v ... Read More