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new year christmas gifts for your boyfriend

Top New Year Christmas Gifts For Your Boyfriend

In today’s post I want to show you my personal New Year Christmas gifts for your boyfriend. Before to choose, I highly recommend you to think over his hobbies, what activities ... Read More

new york street style for women

New York Street Style For Women

New York, New York! I think you’ll agree with me, that NYC has passion and unique style. Today I would like to bring you lastest street style for women from New York City. Wha ... Read More

fashion trend long elbow gloves*

Fashion Trend: Long Elbow Gloves

Long elbow length gloves were back in fashion and in the streets of Paris. All these pieces remind me Audrey Hepburn in the movie called “Sabrina”. Stylists and editors ... Read More

urban style women's wear

Urban Style Women’s Wear

Welcome to the Urban Jungle. This Fall-Winter season comes with active sport styles. No matter if you are an office worker or just a girl who wants to walk in the streets and meet f ... Read More

women's tall high boots

Tall High Boots For Women

Nothing prepares you for the cold season like a comfortable and stylish pair of tall high boots. Today I want to share with you top women’s tall boots for this season. This de ... Read More

winter gloves buying guide for women

Winter Gloves Buying Guide For Women

I remember my previous year, when I thought I don’t need to cover my hands in warm fabrics. This year I’ve changed my mind. Today, I want to share with you best winter g ... Read More

the white coat for winter yes or not

The White Coat For Winter: Yes Or Not?

Karl Lagerfeld once said: “I love classic beauty. It’s an idea of beauty with no standard.” The same thing can be mentioned while speaking about white coat. In today’s post I ... Read More

vintage americana style for women

Vintage Americana Style For Women

Vintage America. Be updated and get inspired by this fashion rewind, called Vintage Americana Style: accentuated waistlines, high-waisted bottoms, cat-eye glasses. This fashion tren ... Read More

how to wear a blue coat this winter

How To Wear A Blue Coat This Winter

The blue trend is here. This Winter is all about various shades of blue. Blue stays in vogue, even if it comes in different hues, starting from bright blues to rich and navy shades. ... Read More

how to wear loose fit oversized tops

How To Wear Loose Fit Oversized Tops

No doubt you’re familiar with T-shirts, tees and wrap shirts. Today I want to show you looks that feature amazing ideas of how to wear loose fit oversized tops. One thing which unit ... Read More