A suit jacket in any outfit instantly changes the look and these are true words. So if you asked me what is one of the top fashion essentials to have in your closet, my answer would be: blazers! During fall collections many designer brands showcase beautiful tailored and elegant blazers designs for every occasion and style. In today’s post I want to share with you my favorite women’s blazers & suit jackets to wear this year.

The following looks come with great details, such as large buttons, minimalist touches and printed essentials in checks and stripes. There are plenty ways to style these cover-ups: you can try them with different texture sweaters, silken blouses and turtlenecks. There is no secret about this statement piece, which can be confident, stylish, laid-back, Tomboy and even hipster inspired. Some ladies consider blazers to be formal, however we see them in casual wardrobe looks, from cocktail parties to weekend’s brunches. All in all, those women who love wearing preppy posh boys looks, I personally advice to try this apparel on.

Women’s Blazers & Suit Jackets: Trends

Today, the blazer has morphed into something more fluid. What allows it to evolve is simply a matter of taste. The most important aspect of the suit jacket is its cut and construction, which is not as structured or pronounced. It is effortless with soft padding on shoulders, light-weight canvas, and a more smart-casual or semi-formal silhouette. However, the texture of a blazer is now as important as its cut. You can dress up or dress down a tailored garment with texture, and the jacket suit is no different.

If you were just as on board I were, you’ll fall in love with these women’s blazers & suit jackets styles:

  • Vibrant Hues: Fashion girls are playing with color a lot more lately, and that very much includes the blazer. As we move into spring or fall, a fresh palette of refreshing blues, pretty pinks, and eclectic patterns await.

  • Luxe Textures: Rich fabrics like velvet and corduroy bring the jacket up a notch. Really feeling this blazer trend? Try pairing with matching trousers for a fresh take on the modern suit.

  • Structured Silhouettes: Corset-inspired shaping, extra-strong shoulders and asymmetrical tailoring are all blazer styles popping up.

women's blazers & suit jackets

  • Double-Breasted: This is as classic as it gets. Especially adorned with gold vintage-inspired buttons or produced in a classic checkered pattern, gets a stylish upgrade. Offset its old-school feel by wearing with soft-feeling details like a floral skirt or statement earrings. Embrace its classic shape by pairing with a plain turtleneck and polished jeans.

If you want yourself more preppy look, then go for classy silhouettes with bright or dark colors. The classic office looks are simple and chic, but there is always a chance to try on design with modern edges and leather trims. Shopping for blazers is quite simple and fun. There are so many fashionable ways to wear suit jackets in your everyday life. You can either turn it into a street-chic one or shocking bright color.

How To Wear Women’s Blazers & Suit Jackets

Most of you might say this is a cover-up what is ideal to wear for job interviews and work, but there are many other places to rock them. In this compilation we see modern and trendy takes on the professional interview looks, everyday work ideas, brunch styles, casual and flirty must-haves. You can wear them from work to parties and casual street walks. Show off your classy style by rocking suit jackets with different separates.

To make it look cool and fashion-forward, there are few key tricks I’ve picked up on for you:

  • Try an oversize silhouette, perhaps something that looks like it came from the men’s department. Wear them with a simple tee, slouchy boots or a simple pair of jeans. This outfit that works everywhere from the office to the front row at fashion week, with sexy fashion-forward appearance.

  • Style it over a graphic t-shirt: Layer a graphic T-shirt underneath the blazer of a suit in an effort to make your overall look a bit more casual.
  • Try to keep things monochrome: Wearing different shades of one color from head to toe is a pretty cool idea to make the whole look appear sophisticated and powerful.

  • Clash prints: Get a little funky with your look by clashing the print of your blazer or suit with standout socks or sneakers.
  • Use your jeans: Your lovely jeans can look awesome with a structured blazer.

  • Mix Pastels And Prints: Just throw a pastel blazer over a festive printed dress. It will add some structure to the dress and more statement to the hue.

  • You can turn blazer into a dress: All you need is to find an oversized blazer and wear it as a dress to create a fresh and dynamic look. Complete this outfit with old school sneakers.
  • Layer your blazer with track pants: It adds the perfect level of sophistication to the more casual style, so make them work with your oh-so-chic office blazer.

gray women's blazers & suit jackets with track pants

  • Wear Blazer With A Matching Skirt: Once reserved for business people, the skirt suit styles this season feel fresh and cool. Opt for a miniskirt to keep it modern. I do love to see babes who create fabulous outfits by teaming a classy blazer with a matching style, color and print skirt.

  • Blazers with Maxi Skirts and Dresses: You can add some polish touch to a flowy maxi dress or skirt by pairing it with a lightweight blazer. Complete it with killer accessories.

Women’s Blazers For work

I have chosen different designs for business and professional looking, which are quite versatile for wearing from day to night. Each of the presented outfits looks smart and trendy. For instance, you can wear the same jacket for meetings by combining it with tailored pants, then you can add a slim pencil skirt for evening informal events. All in all, the presented collection has some bright looks for those women who are in search for a nice, functional business attire:

Today’s fashion offers great and modern take on power dressing by adding couple of elegant office and business ready looks. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to look through various options, before deciding, which style might fits you.

There is no need proving the importance of blazers for work. They look more professional than any cardigan. The suit jacket is professional enough for any meeting or event. A well-made blazer makes denim dressy, party dresses polished, and any woman’s silhouette more ladylike.

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