Leather jacket is a basic wear for a stylish and modern look. They are the ultimate garment for looking super cool when you need to take your outfit from 0 to 100. Not only does such a key piece journey with you, looking good no matter what the trend climate may dictate, but the right one will also get better with age. The Best Fashion Blog will help you to choose, which color, silhouette and trends are going to be in fashion this season. Here below you will find plenty of eye-catching leather jackets designs for any occasion.

Leather Jacket: the trendy style

This season the main style is the biker jacket (rock style in light version): a leather formal jacket in various lengths. They are a versatile piece, great for work and weekends wear. They come in various shapes, some look voluminous, and some super-fitted. Yet one thing is for sure, jackets with cropped sleeves stay in trend. All in all, I’d like to underline that short leather jackets are more popular than longer versions, yet less practical in winter time.

Leather Jacket for autumn: The color

The main color of the upcoming fall season for leather jacket is black. This color is classic, practical and natural. Lots of designers present black jackets in their fall collections, but it doesn’t mean that colorful jackets are out of fashion, on the contrary, brands presented dark-blue, bright-red and even pink jackets. Well, it’s a pity to say, but sadly brown jackets are out of fashion this season, sorry.

Leather Jackets for winter: The texture

Designers have experimented with leather jackets texture so much, to create those patent leather, sharp and hot looks, which now became a must-have. Leather jackets a great layering tool for winter (just add a roll neck underneath and a coat over the top) and can be translated to more chic and smart looks, as well as more professional and sophisticated ones. In other words, everything depends on your imagination. So take a closer look at these jackets combinations:

Leather & Furs- that’s what I call ideal mix of material. First of all it’s comfortable and warm and secondly it looks luxe, rich and feminine. Fur inserts feature on leather jackets as collar for hood, sleeves, or for inside warmth covering, fur collar will be a perfect replacement for scarves.

Styling Tips For Wearing A Leather Jacket

This classic fall-winter staple will ideally fit your mini skirts, boyfriend jeans, shorts. You can team it with great fall prints, simple tops and work wear appropriate separates. Indeed, there are many ways to wear this stunning outerwear, which adds that final layering to almost any outfit for comfort and style.

There are endless ways to style this garment to keep your looks fresh and strong. Get inspired to bring your leather jacket out of the back of your closet and bring more style to your outfit. Remember that the best leather jackets get softer—they retain their shape (although leather does stretch a little after the first few years, so buy a snug size if you want a close fit). Naturally, finding The One is hard—it’s a commitment.

Whether studded and rendered in an unusual color, or sleek, tailored and a million miles away from a Harley-Davidson, there are plenty options. They look great with jeans and provide a far smarter option on any given workday. So, what are you waiting for!

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Best Colors For Leather Jackets

Biker and motorcycle jackets stay in fashion season by season, yet fashion dictates us to wear different color jackets. You can find them in beautiful colors which are both eye-catchy and stylish. This outerwear will look amazing in such colors like Electric Blue, Summer Green and Purple Sunset. If you want to be in center of everyone’s attention, then try to wear it with complicated prints.