In today’s post I want to discuss tomboy style in women’s fashion: a menswear trend that works perfectly for women. There are lots of girls who prefer wearing cool, comfortable pants instead of skirts and sometimes women feel a bit boyish, which I think it’s normal, as every human has something from the animal and women want to be strong and strict like men. The advantage of this style is the simple and comfortable update, which make you feel relaxed. That’s why I am going to share with you now some of the brightest and unique tomboy style outfits that appeared recently on internet:

The formula of dressing tomboy style is quite simple, as you have to combine cool girls details and borrowed from the boys fashion garments, for making that special off-duty look. Indeed, most of Tomboy look models and ladies look go for menswear-inspired essentials. If you love keeping your outfit simple, then this look is an ideal choice for you.

Here are presented boyish and tomboy style suiting separates that work perfect for work, just take a look at those sleek blazers, untucked tops, cropped pants accessorized with block heel oxfords, luxe tote and chic aviators. Also you can find here women wearing clean and cool separates with chunky derby shoes and a cross-body bags.

Also you can go for a fitted top with big jeans, or a big top with tight jeans. All depends on your choice and what is most comfortable for you. Believe me, it’s always good to experiment with clothing.

I personally love to see girls wearing cotton plaid shirts and stylized printed tees. Today’s fashion bands offer wide range of skinny skater trousers, distressed or boot-cut jeans. Don’t forget about sporty updates, like easy and cool sneakers, sports pants, etc. All in all, I advice you to try on this update: Keep in mind that wearing tomboy style clothes doesn’t mean looking like a tomboy girl, you have to feel tomboyish.

Fall Trend: The Essentials For Dressing Like A Tomboy

The Fall-Winter season comes with soft masculine clothing, what still looks mannish, but it’s more sweet and elegant. Many designer brands offering its clientèle comfortable and sporty clothes, what are ideal for active lifestyle.

Wearing menswear essentials is a fun thing, you know. You just need to pick a classic garment from men’s wardrobe and combine it with your everyday essentials, by transforming it into your own look. The main thing about Tomboy style is the play of contrasts. For instance, you can wear a masculine-looking pantsuit, but the outfit should be completed with a nice, ladylike handbag, or a bold red lipstick. Take your style inspiration from the tomboy trend and make it look both fun and functional.

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