Let’s have a look at this year’s voguish trend: denim & leather. That’s a sophisticated and edgy look, which is so popular among many celebrities nowadays. I like that trend because of two things: first of all, the fabric always look rich and luxe and second, they always have that casual touch, so these two things bring us into paradox.

Well, that paradox is so wearable these days. Why don’t you try on light chambray or jean shirt teamed with cool leather pants, skirt or shorts? Or try on jean jacket teamed with stylish leather pants. Mixing leather and jean is one of the fashionable things in our modern life. I personally love how women wear leather biker jackets teamed with skinnies, that look is so versatile and vogue. So, if you want to go sporty or cool and girlish, then mix denim with leather.

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