Lets take a look on how people are dressed in China! I’m really impressed with their style and the way of clothes combination and comforted by the fact that black tights seem to be in style almost everywhere. Asians are so unapologetic with their style. Well, here are lots of inspiring looks (whats your favourite one?!), i simply felt in love with Chinese Street style!

For Him

For her

  • Chinese style for work is elegant, sober and unique!

  • Chinese women are professionals mixing maxi garments with jackets or blazers. The result? The perfect outfit for spring or fall!

  • They take advantage of basic colors like beige to create elegant, classy and feminine looks wherever they go.

  • They know how to take advantage of global trends to adapt them and create a original version and glam rock fashion is not the exception.

  • In winter streets become a runway of maxi coats in different materials, colors and styles.

  • Everybody all over the world wear jeans to build comfortable and casual looks, adding a personal trendy touch.

  • Get inspired with the chinese street style and dare to add new colors and styles of pants to complete your outfit with an original touch.

  • And of course you can’t forget leggings! They go perfectly with dresses, shorts, boots our any garment that you want to add. So be creative and take advantage of this garment to create different outfits along the year.

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