Let’s speak about modern punk style for this season. This trend is still in business and remains present to inspire force and attitude. Many designers offer us DIY inspired looks, which ideally fit punk vibes. Taking cues from the snaps, I’d like to share with you my personal forecasting for next season. So if you are wishing to have a wardrobe look as punk-inspired, here there are some tips to help you to achieve it by your own.

Today’s modern punk is a combination of something traditional with modern fashion world trends. We see popular clothing and accessories with casual and punk inspired garments. Of course, this kind of apparel is for individualist people, who love punk fashion, lifestyle and music.

Many brands provide great pieces, which you can be combine with grungy, edgy, and often glamorous apparel, by sticking with the basics — leather, plaid, heavy-metal embellishments.

Tips to wear Punk Style

The punk fashion has different shades and oscillations depending on the designer and, like in any style, it’s very common and important to have at least five or more fashion tips of how to dress like a real fashionista. That’s why I’d like you to take some notes from now on:

  • The main thing of punk trend of the modern days is the perfect balance of different style elements. If you want to dress like a real girl of the ’70’s, I don’t think that people around you will think you ‘rock’. That’s why punk vibes should be noticed, but not overdo with it. It’s better to make punk more feminine and add just a little bit of toughness and masculinity into your look.
  • Try to wear sophisticated garments (tight dresses, fitted menswear inspired suits) and add some edgy and tough accessories. Like checkered bags, studded backpacks, studded booties, rocking gloves or cool punk style hairstyle and I tell for sure, everyone will ask you how did you make to look like a punk girl.
  • About the make-up we can say that black was the main color girls and boys, usually using a lot of black eyeliner.

The Punk Culture, or better to say the punk rock movement of the 1970’s, is forever left its mark to inspire aggression, individualism and freedom. Punk genre and style is kind of break out and when this movement is connected with fashion, any collection looks rebellious and edgy, as a real breakthrough.

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