Punk, rock and roll style is back and we see its influence in clothes, make-up and hairstyles. Go bold and try one of these trendy grunge hairstyles for this year. Nowadays, everything is possible and it looks like we can look fabulous with any haircut and style. I was impressed by modern punk rock and roll hairstyles, I think they are really worth to try on this year. Some of them can be seen on the runways, fashion magazines and even in the streets. Of course, everything depends on you and your personal style. If you want yourself a bit eccentric look, you should try something different than just a bob or pixie cut. Take a peek at these awesome styles and ideas and tell me what is your favorite one:

This season must haves are Iroquois haircuts, leather jackets, cuffs and languid smoky-eyes. I hope you will like this amazing compilation of women’s punk rock hairstyles. The main thing is that all the showcased hairstyles look awesome with various clothes, starting from beach style dresses to formal attire.

Shaved head imitation

The real rockers love shaving their heads, some shave only half of it. Nowadays it’s still popular to make imitations of the shaved head. Just make a side parting, where the braids are done using your strands, while the other side is teased or is screwed onto curlers.

Hair Bouffant

The hair bouffant and Iroquois haircuts are inspired by 1960’s rockabilly style. This style has the notes of rebellion and kind of relaxed feel. If you are tired of making bouffant, then I advice you to make a boy inspired haircut (tomboy) with long or medium length bangs. This haircut will make you look strong and powerful.