Fall and Winter time is always tricky when it comes to fashion. This year we see a perfect fashion trend for cold days: poncho & cape coats. From the first sight, you might think cape-coat is hard to style, which it’s not true, as everything depends on your creativity. These cover-ups are ideal replacement for classic coat and jackets.

What is a cape coat? It’s the coat with wide sleeves, so it adds sophistication and stylish look. Why I like poncho & cape coats? Well, it’s simple, they look so fashionable on every girl or woman. And it’s perfect choice for pregnant women, by the way. So let’s have a look at some of the best ways how you can styled them with your everyday clothes.

You can find interesting designs to complete your evening look. When it’s a freezing weather outside, you can go for a chunky sweater and cover it with your favorite cape-coat. Scroll down and get ideas about how to wear cape-coat this fall and winter.


This season, designers made a perfect breakthrough, as they offer both voguish and functional models, providing women with a great protection against the cold and wind. As you can see, some of the following designs tend to be more akin to a coat. While shopping for next cold season’s outerwear, you need to make sure that the chosen cover-up is not only fashionable, but also functional.

Casual outfits with Poncho & Cape Coats

Women ponchos are so fashionable nowadays. Every stylish woman has different kids variations and styles of ponchos in her wardrobe. Why is it so fashionable? First of all capes are comfortable, you’re free in movements and it saves warm. Some are ’60s-inspired capes, classic style or fringed style ponchos.

You can either go for military-inspired look to Little Red Riding Hood-esque style, or keep it sophisticated and elegant. Of course you need to add posh accessories to finish the look. You can go for thigh-high boots, wide-brim hats, either for shiny shoes and statement bags. If you do like boho-chic style, then you better take a closer look at these beautiful creations and start including ponchos & capes in your outfits.

Poncho & Cape Coats for work

Bear in mind, the stylish poncho & capes are not just for looking chic on the streets, you can rock it to work. Every showcased design is a great choice for keeping you warm and elegant at the same time. In this compilation there are beautiful creations with everyday separates, while some of them look terrific worn with formal and evening appropriate separates. Check out my favorite styles and choose your beloved ones.

Styles and fabrics

In today’s fashion world we see so many interesting versions, including plaid wool incorporated with denim, heavy fur toppers, quilted designs, etc. There are lots of great capes made in different fabrics and colors: bold prints, stripes, bold colors and some even crystal skull-embellished. They’re perfect as an alternative to a jacket, you can cocoon yourself in warm cover-up and you’ll feel so пently.

Many brands and retailers offer us some classic versions of this amazing clothing outfit, as we see beautiful double cross-breast buckle and drapes, made of high-quality and warm fabrics like knitted wool, crochet-knit wool-blend, cashmere, alpaca-blend and mohair-blend capes. Other designers offer us cropped versions, as well as loose-fit knee-length raiments, which can be complemented with turbans.

If it’s quite cold outside, then you can try on loose-fit and oversize cape ponchos that are embellished with furs- they look like coats (perfect for fall season). Another cool weather layer is the knitted Indian pattern garment (it’s better to try sand color) with fringes, which can be embellished with a statement scarf, that’s a super stylish and chic look. You can always go sporty, by wearing a cozy version for fall in gray color, which can be teamed with nice black leggings and cool sneakers.

More outfits with Poncho & Cape Coats