Wearing a suit can NOT make you bored, you can always get a new one, new style. When you mostly wear suits at work, then variation of suits is very important. There are lots of variations of pinstripe suits, which are great in general and so simple and class. What it means pinstripe suits? In general, they are thin stripes along the whole suits in parallel form.

barney's suits

These suits can have different variations of color: they can be the same as the suit color, or different, like grey suits with light grey pinstripes, or black color suit with grey stripes. With what to wear pinstripe suits? Mostly, pinstriped suits can be worn along with button shirts and bold color or striped ties. Nowadays, suits are available in different styles and colors: black, blue, grey, dark blue. These suits are best for formal occasions, like business meetings or at work, but also meeting your friends, like for Barney Stinson.