Today’s topic is women’s mohawk hairstyles trends and ideas that can be opted in today’s fashion world. These days there are lots of beautiful versions of mohawks that are available for girls, you just have to roll down and see all different versions of this iconic punk style. This style can give you a bold and edgy look to your overall appearance. As you all know, traditional upward spikes are not hot style anymore. Today many girls and celebrities try different interpretations of the mohawks that give a stylish look to its wearer.

First thing that you have to know about modern mohawks is color accents. You can add textures and dimensions to the updo. Just take a closer look at different mohawk styles and choose the right one for yourself.

ponytail mohawk hairstyles

Ponytail Mohawk:

Shaving the sides is no longer hot trend. The simplest way to get a fresh look without dramatic changes is the ponytail mohawk.

You just need to pull your hair up flat using an elastic band.

braided mohawk hairstyles

Braided Mohawk:

That is best solution for naturally curly hair or for rough-textured hairs. The braided mohawk replaces the shaved or pulled back sides with braids and leaves the center curly with plenty of volume up top.

dreadhawk mohawk hairstyles


I think it’s time to forget the punk liberty spikes and try some variations of the mohawk for girls just make your hair dreadlocked for an edgy look.

chelsea hawk mohawk hairstyles


You can opt this look by making half up hairdo leaving bangs up front.

How to make Mohawk hairstyles

Most of the mohawks can be done at home. Please note that there some of the styles that have to be done by hair stylists. For a classic look you will need to flat iron your hair and spray it.