Let’s see real modern hipster looks. It’s quite easy to say if a boy or a girl is a hipster, as everything depends on his/her wardrobe and appearance. We will observe hipster’s style from head to toe.

modern hipster looks

Let’s start from the head: To be a hipster, you need to make hitlerjugend haircut, shaving the sides and back, yet keeping long at the top.

men haircut

If you are a girl, then it’s quite hard to explain, which haircut is better, yet I advise you to keep it extravagant, or you can always make your hair look messy, or casual ponytail will do. Some among hipster girls try on Skrillex haircuts. Anyway, everything depends on you.

modern ponytail for women

Let’s move forward and it’s time to style your neck. You can try on different kind of necklaces, oversize chaplets, fringes, some hipsters wear handmade necklaces.

outfit with leather jacket

Now let’s speak about top part of your body. There are dozens of different variations, starting from checkered shirts, knitted sweaters, printed sweatshirts, denim shirts, printed tees, trenches, duffle coats, jackets, leather jackets and denim outerwear as well. Triangles and deer are always in hipster’s fashion.