Check out the latest men’s fashion style trends, find tips and ideas to add a new trendy touch to your personal style.

pinstripe suits for men

Pinstripe Suits For Men

Wearing a suit can NOT make you bored, you can always get a new one, new style. When you mostly wear suits at work, then variation of suits is very important. There are lots of vari ... Read More

pleated pants suits

Pleated Pants Suits For Men

So much classic and elegance. Pleated pants used to be usual pants in different types of suits for many decades. Why? Simply, because they give a great style look and it’s ori ... Read More

transparent glasses frames

Cool Trend: Transparent Glasses Frames

Today I’d like to share with you a great compilation of retro eyeglasses with an upscale feel, yes, I am talking about glasses with clear frames. Transparent eyeglasses are co ... Read More

three button suits for men

Three Button Suits For Men

If you haven’t chose your first suit, then please let me help you with that. I think the most traditional and classic suit is three button suits. These suits are very practica ... Read More

style for bald men

The Best Style Tips For Bald Men

So it happens, you finally started to notice, that your hair becomes thin and you are starting to lose it. If you are losing your hair not so fast you can style it, so that no one s ... Read More

how to become a real hipster

How To Become A Real Hipster

Today we are going to speak about how to become a real hipster. I think everyone knows that this name takes its beginning from the combination of words “to be hip.” It&# ... Read More