chinese street fashion

Street Fashion: Chinese Street Style

Lets take a look on how people are dressed in China! I’m really impressed with their style and the way of clothes combination and comforted by the fact that black tights seem to be in style almost everywhere. Asians are so unapologetic with their style. Well, here are lots of inspiring looks (whats your ... Read More

pinstripe suits for men

Pinstripe Suits For Men

Wearing a suit can NOT make you bored, you can always get a new one, new style. When you mostly wear suits ... Read More

pleated pants suits

Pleated Pants Suits For Men

So much classic and elegance. Pleated pants used to be usual pants in different types of suits for many de ... Read More

Cool Trend: Transparent Glasses Frames

Today I’d like to share with you a great compilation of retro eyeglasses with an upscale feel, yes, ... Read More

three button suits for men

Three Button Suits For Men

If you haven’t chose your first suit, then please let me help you with that. I think the most traditional and classic suit is three button suits. These suits are very practical as many men have worn them for many years ago. Nowadays, three button suits come in different fashioned divisions. Tree button s ... Read More

Modern hipster looks

Modern Hipster Looks

Let’s see real modern hipster looks. It’s quite easy to say if a boy or a girl is a hipster, as everything ... Read More