Despite the ever-changing seasons, trends and collections, there are clothing pieces that remain in fashion and are popular to be worn. That’s the case of double-breasted suits, which I personally find really masculine and classy. These suits appeared in 1930’s and looked like military jackets. Then it was modernized in the 1950’s, when designers presented utilitarian single-breasted models.

From 1950- to 1970’s, there were real fashionistas who didn’t change their double-breasted suits. Some good examples are Marlon Brando, Gianni Agnelli and Michael Caine. They didn’t care about trends, they wore only those pieces which could underline their style.

modern men's suits for any occasion

After in late 1980’s double breasted jackets came back in fashion. Many Wall-Street guys started to wear those suit jackets with bank collar shirts and wide ties. Starting from the ’80’s this trend didn’t dissapear, yet the silhouette was modernized, it became fitted. Now you can wear this jacket teaming with denim pants or classic pants.

Men’s Designer Double Breasted Blazers

Double-breasted blazers make any man looking elegant and somewhat sophisticated. Some stylists say this piece looks preppy polished and old-school gangster inspired. Thanks to modern celebrities this retro look came back and transformed into 21 century formal and semi-formal must-have. That’s why I’d like to bring you an ideas of gorgeous menswear must-haves which are ideal for various evening occasions.

This kind of jacket is not for everyday wear. But, if you work in a major company or you have your own business, it’s essential to wear double-breasted look. Speaking of the buttons, then it’s okay to fasten the anchor button and middle button while leaving the bottom undone. These days, the most common button constructions are 6×2 and 4×2.