How to wear belt to look trendy and stylish- that’s the question for many fashionistas nowadays. That’s why I feel like I have to share with you some of my thoughts on this topic. So, today, ladies and girls, my topic is about women’s belts and how to style them with different outfits.

how to wear women's belts

As you all know, a belt is a flexible strap or band which is worn around to support trousers or skirt. Yet for most women’s belts are an eye-catching accessory that underlines their uniqueness and style. That’s a great mainstream and lots of stylists and brands offer Punk, 1970’s and 1990’s grunge inspired variations of belts.

If you are more punk and grunge style chic, then there are lots of different styles that you can go for, starting from metallic belts, vintage ones to studded belts, classic style and even funky and quirky ones.

metallic belt over black dress

If you feel more classic, then many designers, including Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, or even Vivienne Westwood collections may inspire you to choose vintage meets retro classic styles, that include metallic belts, elegant vivid ones, double belts etc.

golden belt in black oufit

Some years ago (in a far, far galaxy) stylists adviced us to wear belts that match other accessories, yet today it is not required to match your belt with your shoes or handbag, it’s better to mismatch your accessories (well, bag and shoes should be matched). Nowadays fashion is more creative. For some women belts is unique thing that has to underline their style

women's belt with dresses

This summer stylish and trendy belts are metallic ones (silver or gold) that are worn with dresses or skirts in silky fabrics. Shiny silver or gold belt can easily spice your old outfit looks.

Brown belts are in trend than never before, as they look retro. As you already know, brown belts are seen on cutoffs, skirts, dresses and jeans, that’s a boho-chic style to me. If you dislike brown color, then there are always vintage-boho style belts in neutral tones.


If you are more hipster, then try to wear belt-knot, it looks fashionable.

Classic are never bothered and look fashionable. Try classics with studs, funky buckles, with different lengths, textures and shapes. You can always make cool appearance if you wear them over tops, jumpers, dresses and skirts.

maxi belts over dresses

As I already mentioned, belts can be worn over your outfit, so that you can show it off. I think every girl wants everybody to see her belt, so the best choice is to try simple, basic bootomsin neutral shades and styles, yet with an eye-catchy belt, so that looks like a great accessory on you.

funky women's belts

Funky belts (in strange textures) with gem stones, psycho prints and shapes can be easily worn with your best clothes.