Today we are going to speak about wearing sneakers with dresses. When you hear about these two different styles you simply go in a shock, but hold on my dear fashion readers, as if you will do everything correctly, then your style will look both feminine and masculine and it will look simply amazing. That’s why I’d like to speak about how to wear and create this totally on-trend look. Here you will find some styling tips of creating this cool appearance.


I hope the following tips and images will help you to find an appropriate look for your personal style:

  • When is cold outside, I advise you to go for thick fabric dresses like wool and pair it with patent leather or suede sneakers.
  • If you work with geometrical prints, then choose the shoes and the dress in the same pattern.
  • This kind of look is girlish and sporty, that’s why the best way to make it cool is to choose colorful prints and cool hues.
  • Don’t forget about proportions (do not make visually cut off your legs).
  • Stick with a chunky pair of sneakers, classy runners colored in a beautiful neutral hue. Try to avoid trainers, they might ruin the whole look.

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