It feels like a City Queen. Being super trendy and well dressed is no more a hard thing, as lots of brands and designers offer competitive price clothing. One thing is for sure, you need to know how to style your clothing, to look classy, posh, chic and beautiful in daytime and at the evenings. I personally think that to look stylish is way better than in pursuit of trendy outfits. Of course trends are very important part of fashion, but really if the trend doesn’t fit you, why should you wear it, right? Today, we are going to talk with you about peplum trend. Yes, peplums featured fashion collections for already a quite long period of time and it seems to me this trend refuses to die so easy.

how to wear peplum

Let’s remember the past good old days, those 1880’s when peplums did a great job for women of all ages and silhouettes: from young and sporty girls to grown up divas. Then something turned up side down in fashion world and this trend came back only in 1940’s thanks to Christian Dior peplum jackets. Every piece looks perfect, dreamy and romantic by its appearance.

elegant  white and black outfit

I think many of you have question: to which body types does peplum fits? I think everyone will be happy with my answer, as it suits both skinny and curvy figures, making every type look chic and elegant. As a good example can be Kim Kardashian, she loves peplums and she knows how to rock in them, as peplums accentuate her waist and play up her curves. Never hide!

peplum style

There are dozens of different peplum styles and designs. Some are extravagant, avantgarde and edgy. Others are simple designs, that look great with a touch of understated elegance and classic vibe. Really, it feels like everything looks easy, but when it comes to wearing one you need to choose or it will be peplum top or peplum bottom.

kate middleton style

It looks to me that peplum tops are easier to pullof and mix with different clothing styles, including mini skirts, maxi skirts, tights, leggings, shorts, cut-offs and A-line skirts.

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