It seems to me that Maxi Skirt trend never dies and it continues to gain momentum. Well, let’s get it clear face the facts- maxi skirts are easy to style. They are super feminine, versatile and they can hide your legs if they are a bit curly. This summer season maxi skirts reach their fashion peak, as many designers offered lots of long skirt designs and color combinations. There are so many variations of maxi skirts: there are plenty of prints and colors, lots of fabrics jersey straight, see-through, pleats, high-waisted and low-waisted designs. You can style them with absolutely anything. No matter if you attend a formal dinner, a cocktail party or you’re going to the beach, you can style them to go wherever you want.

  • You can even wear it during the winter time with boots and tights.
  • If you are short height, then I advise you to try heels, which will make you look taller.
  • You can always wear maxis with your favorite flats, when you at the office. Try teaming them with flats, simple tee and cool blazer. This comfortable look is perfect for office hours. 
  • If you want a sporty look, then why don’t you try tennis shoes, you will look girlish, young and cute.
  • If you fan of boho style, try some printed gypsy style maxi skirts, as they look feminine, trendy and cool.