Today we will speak about how to wear leggings under the dress. No matter if you are trying to feel a bit warmer, or you simply want to wear shorter dress, I can tell you for sure it’s useful to know how to wear leggings under a dress. What I like the most about this look is that it’s fun, modern and casual.

how to wear leggings under a dress

It’s already more than a trend, as lots of women wear leggings under skirts or dresses, instead of wearing hose or tights. Some say, when they pair leggings, then it feels kind you are protected (not feeling that your legs are bare) and you still feel comfortable and feminine.

dress with leggings

Let’s talk about styling, length and how to pair all the things not feeling disturbed:

  • The first rule and it’s basic- try to keep things simple, so if the leggings have a pattern or a print that you wouldn’t like to wear as tights, then it’s better to avoid these designs.
  • The second thing, try to keep in your mind, that leggings is quite modern piece and if you are teaming leggings with vintage dress, then remember, that you are mixing styles and you are not wearing absolutely retro style wear.
outfit with leggings and boots

Here are some tips for length of the dress:

If you are willing to wear short or mid-length dress, then it’s the best choice, as this teaming is very practical. Anyway, leggings will look cool even with maxi dresses, as if you are willing to wear those designs during winter time for an extra warmth, yet keep in mind to wear the same color leggings under your maxis, as if it will e possible to see a different color of leggings, then believe me you will look a bit silly.

Let’s talk about fitting:

Tight leggings under dresses will look best, while loose leggings will look saggy, which however look good under a very loose and flowy dress.