It’s no a secret that flared jeans keep coming back in the world of fashion. It’s a very interesting item with amazing history and it comes with many styles and trends. Bell-bottom pants were created for the fleet and since 1812 are considered to be part of the American sailors uniform. During those years the flared pants started ‘from the hip’. In the 1960’s flared pants were popular among American hippies. Lots of men and women started to wear bell-bottomed trousers. It was an unisex trend that was both suitable for girls and boys. These days I see lots of girls appearing in those flared pants resembling boho and hippie style.

I love those years and images of people wearing colored shirts and flared trousers with long haircuts. When this trend of flared jeans was popular among hippies, these bell-bottom trousers started from the knee. So, starting from the 1970’s flared jeans became popular among other people, as they were replaced by pants-pipes and skinnies.

Tips To Choose & Style Flared Jeans:

Now, let me tell you about the choosing right jeans:

  • It’s better not to choose too large trousers at the ankle, as those models only thin and slender ladies.
  • If you want to make visually your legs slimmer then bell-bottom jeans is want you need. Try on high waist flared jeans with high heels and bright shirt (it’s better to tuck shirt into jeans).
  • The bell-bottom jeans look perfect with knitwear. Team them with your favorite knitted cardigan for a chilly days and complete your look with bulk bag.
  • Widening effect visually hides the non-ideal shape of the legs (calves aka ankles) as well as full hips do not seem to be too bulky.

The key to nail this jeans style is giving them a modern twist: Keep it modern with self-tie silk blouses, flat forms and really good tailoring.