Skinny jeans are in favorite by many stylists, brands, women, bloggers etc. for already several seasons. That’s the most important part of every stylish girl/woman wardrobe. Today this kind of style can be found in every shop. Why is it so? It’s a versatile wardrobe piece and it goes perfect with completely everything, starting from semi-formal attire to casual days looks. I personally love black skinny jeans as they go amazing with anything that I try on.

  • To wear them at work use skinnies in neautral color palette. Skinnies in black, black boots, bright solid color shirt or cool blouse and go for pastel hue sweater or cardi.
  • If it’s quite freezy and chilly outside, try on fitted jacket and you can go.
  • For something more elegant, replace blouse with something formal, like white shirt and go with fitted blazer.
  • Some love combinations with gray tunics, skinnies and casual sneakers and bomber jacket. If you don’t like sneakers then go for ballet flats and skinnies.
  • To complete your look add long necklace, massive earrings, a snake print handbag or a bag with floral print.
  • The skinnies will work also for a romantic look: black skinnies can be teamed with sweat-dresses in pasted hues or horizontal stripes. Then accessorize the dress with statement and bright scarf, add handbag and cool shoes with heels. If you want more casual-romantic look, try on white shirt with long sleeves, black skinny jeans and flat shoes like Oxfords.