The blue trend is here. This Winter is all about various shades of blue. Blue stays in vogue, even if it comes in different hues, starting from bright blues to rich and navy shades. That’s why today we are going to talk about the blue coat.

The blue coat is a great alternative to everyday black jacket. It’s a season-less outerwear, what can be worn in spring, fall and winter months. This year many designers offering us marvelous styles to wear from day to night. I have gathered interesting designs what you can incorporate with your everyday clothes and special occasion staples. But before we move on looking through possible pairings, you should take into account the weather conditions in your city.

  • If it’s a cold region, you can go for heavier fabrics.
  • For warm regions is better to buy lighter version what can be worn atop cozy knitwear.
  • Think about what clothes you wear on a daily basis, I mean the length, style and color of your frocks and skirts. If you wear minis, then the length of new coat doesn’t matter. But if you do like maxi and long style ensembles, then you definitely need to think of the length of your cover-up (it should be either shorter than the dress for not more than 2 inch or way shorter).