Oh, that Sporty Chic Style! Sweatshirts look like ‘I don’t care how I look’ (but I know I am gorgeous). Nowadays fashion paradox is the less you try the better you look. Today we will see all the possible variations how to style sweatshirts for this spring-summer season.

This sporty chic garment is a great transitional piece, that can be worn at winter or during summer time. There are lots of cool models, that are not too thick, that are sophisticated and comfy and “thanks” to the weather it can be worn during all year. There are different sizes, starting from normal sized sweatshirts to oversized ones and luxe glam styles with different chic prints and embellishments: animal prints, graphic prints, sequins and patterns.

How To Wear Sweatshirts

Now, let’s see the style variations of this amazing piece.

  • The perfect style variation is to wear sweatshirt with skirts. It’s perfect for office work, meetings and going outs. Just team the skirt with perfect heels and your look is ready. My personal favorite is printed sweatshirt teamed with leather pencil skirt and hot pumps plus chunky accessories and oversized clutch.
  • If you want weird edgy look, then try to wear oversized sweatshirts which are tucked into skirt of belted over minis- that will look 100% fashion forward.
  • This piece looks much better if you will wear it with nothing on top of it. If you want something on top of the sweatshirt, then try on cool blazer or jacket.
  • There is always a cool option to try to wear sporty sweatshirt with trousers.

  • You can wear sloppy oversized sweatshirt with skinny jeans, shorts, leggings for a cool urban style look completing the look with stated sneakers or high heels.
  • Also you can wear fitted sweatshirt with boyfriend jeans.
  • If you want a sporty look then try to wear sweatshirt with jeans, sneakers and a cap, you will look urban glam!
  • You can opt luxe glam look with glamour prints, graphics and sequins or make it simple and casual. All depends on you mood. In both cases you can wear fitted or oversize designs.
  • You can always be creative and wear lots of beautiful accessories along with your sweatshirt. Best look is: hot pumps, red lips, feminine bags, glamour clutch and some really impressive earrings.