Today we are going to talk about glam rock style, which is also known as glitter rock. It’s a style of rock music which takes its beginning in the United Kingdom in the early 1970’s. Artists like David Bowie, Sweet, Lady Gaga, Roxy Music and Gary Glitter developed this style and it was influenced by music genres like glam metal, punk, Gothic rock and grunge style of the 90’s. Studs and crystals accessorize edgy designs of leather jackets.

For some of you glam rock means something which is connected to rock, yet I’d say it’s a kind of style which underlines your elegance and strength. Even brutal punk ladies want to be spotted by men. Remember Alice Cooper who appeared in leather skinnies, collar with studs, black leather jacket with Swarovski crystals and extravagant hat cylinder on the stage. Indeed, glam rock is something eye-catching and bold, that’s why many designers and labels started to include this edgy style in their collections, like Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy, Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen etc. I simply felt in love with Just Cavalli autumn-winter collection’s runway show, when models appeared on the catwalk wearing dark outfits. That was the day when glam rock appeared as sterling style.

How to wear glam rock style?

If you want to wear glam rock clothing, then you have to look defiantly and feminine. Try to find something fitted, that underlines your amazing silhouette, look for leather garments, black and provocative heels accessorized with studs, skull earrings.

Black outfit can be mixed with gray, red, burgundy and white. You can always add denim to your overall appearance. Some prefer to wear corsets (like Alexander McQueen collections), bracelets, rings, shiny necklaces (the ones like in Givenchy), creative headwear and other cool accessories.

If you wear preppy style glasses, printed skirt, then you can add yourself in preppy glam rock followers team.

Glam Rock in Black

The Glam Rock fashion is really inspiring and you have to be really creative person to appear in sparkly platform heels, metallic fake lashes and studded leather jackets. Indeed, glamour rock is all about more is more.

If you think you was born to stand out, then this glamour look is made just for you. Let’s see what you can dress to look extravagant during the night out, so make a cat eye makeup, neon pink blush, messy hairstyle and try to combine rock and roll outfits with glamour accessories and beauty tips.

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