Let’s talk about boho chic style. This style is youthful fashion for creative people that has become a big fashion trend. If you would like to wear and style clothes like a real boho girl, then try to mix up hippies, vintage, military, ethnic and rock styles together. To find inspiration for youthful bohemian chic motive garments check below some beautiful outfits ideas.

how to style boho chic

Let’s see, what Boho-chic means: Bohemian means Gypsy, or an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. What’s the main idea of this particular style? It’s all about way of life, not every girl can afford to herself to wear boho-chic style clothes, yet if you are free spirited and self confident woman, then you have all chances to be a real boho girl. The main foundres, or better to say those who have revived the boho style and perfected it for the 21st century are Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.

boho chick brown dress

How to dress Boho Chic

  • This trend is a combination of bright and neutral, trend and classic, new versus old. Use only earth and natural hues, like black, brown, beige, green, white and cream. As we already mentioned gypsies, then try to use overlays, long gypsy skirts with ethnic prints, long airy dresses and tunic-tops.
  • Regarding bags, then this accessory should be bright and team with your boho inspired wardrobe looks, as you can team them with cropped pants, leggings, cardigans and leather shoes, like booties or high heel sandals.
  • Those who will wear boho chic outfits should use beautiful accessories, like massive and statement earrings, rings made of woods, metal or leather, voluminous bracelets, necklaces made in gypsy style, African style bracelets.
  • Don’t forget to use head-scarves, cowboy hats, fringes, lace and ethnic prints. I hope these looks will inspire you to experiment with boho chic looks.