If you still wondering what to do with yourself in order to look like a real French girl, then I am here to share with you one trick that can make a real change to your look. Yes, I am talking about tucking your hair. This little detail is so Parisian chic and every girl can copy this style into her everyday looks. What I love the most about this tucked in hair is the simplicity and easiness of doing it easy. So, I am here to show you how to put a very little effort in wearing your hair tucked in and make the maximum from such a simple look.

tucked in hair like a french girl

Tucked In Hair : How To Do It

All you need is to have a long hair and a top or outerwear for tucking your hair under, I mean a shirt with collar, scarf or jacket. So:

  • You need to leave your hair loose throw on a shirt, coat or jacket and pull your hair out from underneath, leaving it like it naturally got tucked inside.
  • The most important part of such appearance: the naturalness. So, if you dig it, then there will be no problem in nailing this look.
  • That’s it! There are no other secrets in creating such a cool style gimmick. You need a style carelessness and a beautiful top or jacket.

This trick is so French! The thing about looking like a French lady is not about what you wear, but more about how you wear it.

By the way, the same style was seen on models and celebrities back in 1960’s and 1970’s. Another thing you should remember is that we are free to wear whatever we want! Oh, I almost forgot to mention a faux bob haircut you can create by tucking in your hair, no need t out your hair to create a cool hairstyle!