“In this one I look fat”,- these thoughts come in your mind when you try on new looks at shop or even at home in front of mirror, and believe me this “fact” comes in every girl’s mind no matter if she’s fat or her weight is less than 50 kilos.

Learn to love your body how it is can be hard sometimes, but dressing for your unique shape, and taking advantage of your strong points not only ensure you look stylish, but help to feel more happy and confident with yourself. And that’s what really matters!

how to dress if you are fat or have overweight problems

To dress up in beautiful clothing and feel comfortable at the same time is difficult because we want to look like movie stars and wear the same garments that appear on celebrities, but we forget about real life and what really suits us. That’s why the following tips come to help you stepping out proudly and accentuate your assets, so please take some clues after the jump.

day outfits for fat women

First of all, accept your body at this moment and love it as it is now, don’t judge yourself, as at this period of time you wont make fulminate change, let your clothing be your friend, not your enemy. Fashion experts say: overweight women have to choose simple wear without complex detailing. It’s better to choose slinky silhouettes (not TIGHT), shirts, skirts, straight cut pants, dresses with high waist, I suggest you NOT to try oversized pieces (relaxed dresses, tunics) this make you to look bigger.

slinky night big size look

Strict Lines

Better not to choose frills, flounces, pleating and embroideries, as all that gives an extra volume, better to choose jersey, draped looks.

printed big size dresses

Colorblocked looks

Better to choose one color garments: light, dark, bright colors- these are best ones. Big prints will let others to study your overlook and it’s no good.

pink dress