Some say that the first at job interview is really important. Well, I think the first impression plays main role everywhere. That’s why when you are finally found your dream job it is important to get ready for your job interview. You have to think over about your job interview outfit. I don’t think I have to explain about few seconds of first impression about you, based on your body language and the way you are dressed. That’s why today I made some basic tips for you to follow.

women's outfits ideas for job interview

It’s extremely important to choose the right outfit for the job interview. All depends what kind of career level you are aiming. Here some tips:

Stay professional: with personal style and try to adapt the outfit based on the domain of the job:

  • For law and finance, try on classic outfits: plain color suits, white shirts, not tall pumps.
  • In a social environment (medical, kindergarten), try on practical and comfortable outfits: comfy fabrics and pastel hues.
  • For artists, communication or advertising, then try to wear something original (yet do not overdo). Everywhere should be harmony.

women's looks for job interview

  • Clean and tidy appearance is a must have at any job interview.
  • Try some cool accessories that showcase your true personality. Yet try to avoid from oversize jewelry and too bright colors.
  • Avoid provocative and too hot outfits, as for the colors, stick to neutrals: black, white, gray, blue, or pastels.
  • About shoes try to avoid extreme high heels. Shoes should be practical and without crazy design. Try on something classic.
  • Concerning handbag, it should be large enough to put in your CV, books and other printed information.

women's looks for work