Today we are going to speak about how to become a real hipster. I think everyone knows that this name takes its beginning from the combination of words “to be hip.” It’s the clothing style, which identifies wearer’s inner and outer freedom. 

I personally find hipsters as a mix of different subcultures, like bohemian, hippies and grunge, it’s kind of real street wear appearance, which embraces androgynous styling. Hipsters like alternative art which is quite progressive and original (indie rock music, art-house movie, not well known designers). And most of them love creative jobs, like photographers, designers, journalists, dj’s etc.

How To Dress Like A Modern Hipster

It’s quite easy to say if a boy or a girl is a hipster, as everything depends on his/her wardrobe and appearance. I like one saying about hipster’s clothing style: They use to wear granny’s sweaters, Bob Dylan glasses, bridge jeans and Converse sneakers. It’s a specific clothing style, which consists of contemporary fashion brands, like Zara, Topshop, H&M, Pull&Bear, Gap and KixBox mixed with handmade details. We will observe hipster’s style from head to toe:

Vintage garments: Hipsters like to buy clothes in vintage shops or even at second hand shops. Their wardrobe must have:

  • Skinnies is a must have. They look stylish and youthful and it’s better to wear them in black. For hot days high waisted shorts are the best option to keep in style.
  • Sweatshirts with prints or different kind of tees, tops, collared shirts and hoodies with cool letter prints, with London sightsees, fairy tale animals, anyway this print has to be unique and creative. Don’t forget the sweaters!
  • Checkered shirts. Most of hipsters have a cool masculine checkered shirt in their wardrobes, which is worn with leggings or skinnies.
  • Sneakers are the most important element in every’s hipster wardrobe look. They can be yellow, green, orange and other color variations. I personally like Converse sneakers. There are lots of other styles of shoes, that are more formal, including slippers, uggs, loafers, topsiders, derby shoes, brogues, oxfords, desert boots, tennis shoes, espadrilles, moccasins. Girls choose shoes with massive heels or wedges.

Hipster Looks For Women

Wear vintage garments like dresses, jacket dresses, relaxed shirts. Some of them wear leggings or second skin trousers.

It’s important to complete your look with your hairstyle. I advise you to keep it extravagant, or you can always make your hair look messy, or a casual ponytail will do. Some among hipster girls try on Skrillex haircuts. Anyway, everything depends on you.

hipster haistyle for woman

Hipster Looks For Men

This style is, at its very core, casual. It doesn’t mean that you can’t dress with intention, though. An added accessory like a wristwatch or beanie can really pull a hipster outfit together.

Don’t forget the head: To be a hipster, you can make a hitlerjugend haircut, shaving the sides and back, yet keeping long.

hipster hairstyle for men

Accessories and more

If you want to underline your hipster style, then I will share with you all the necessary accessories that should always be around you. So what do you need to complete your hipster style look?

hipster must haves accessories

  • Accessories. Hipsters wear bright items, like colorful headbands, colorful tights, heavy scarves, plastic bracelets, some like to wear accessories made with natural fabrics in the shape of sweets, cuff-earrings.
  • Thick framed glasses, plastic glasses or sunglasses look amazing on any hipster. If they do not make you look smart, they for sure will make you to look like a real hipster. There are many well known brands of cool glasses that look preppy. The popular ones are from Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Please note, that real hipster glasses should have rectangular like shape frames

  • A real photo camera. Why camera is a must have? it’s simply because hipster shoot everything what they see, nature, food, clothing, smoke, animals and their selves. If you have chance to get old one, then it’s perfect, as the older, the better. The best companies of photo cameras are Leica, Zenit, Yashica, Fujifilm.

classic camera