Today’s topic is leather skirt, which is must have of any season. Designers and celebrities gave us green light to rock the show in leather skirts everywhere we want. They try to add this garment in every new collection, offering different kind of shades and hues, including blue, red, burgundy, white, green and of course black.

The best thing about leather skirts is that they can be styled in million ways. All depends on its design, color, cut and of course your own taste. These skirts are meant not only for sporty girls and edgy biker chics. That’s why leather skirts can be worn at the office, as they look smart and sophisticated at the same time. What I find amazing in leather skirts is the appearance of each style. It can be dressed with any outfit you have in your wardrobe, like an old t-shirts or granny’s sweater.

Tips To Wear A Leather Skirt

  • If you like showing off your pretty legs, wear mini leather skirts, like tight or pleated A-line or super large. It will look amazing with denim shirts, jumpers, pullovers, cozy coats etc.
  • If you are going out, try on hot heels or flat boots. Or go for a laid back style wear converse and ballet pumps.
  • For a more sophisticated look I would wear slim leather skirts with knitted tops and ankle boots. I personally like how leather skirts look with jumpers, parkas and flat boots.
  • Leather skirts go perfect as: office look, dinner out look, party look, cocktail party look, date out look and many more.
  • This garment can be worn all year round, just add tights in the winter time and sandals in the summer.
  • There are cool pencil over-the-knee styles which look stunning with heels, casual top, blazer, jewelry and fabulous handbag.