Today I bring you the fur trend, which seems to be popular in cold seasons. This embellishment appears on coats, tops, dresses and accessories. The color range comes in vibrant shades and pop-color touches. Thanks to the media and fast moving fashion, there is a great chance to try on different looks from various brands, experimenting with layers and silhouettes.

This luxe material makes woman look glamorous. Of course, some of you think that fur is only for winter, but there are great chances to transfer it into warm season wardrobe. Keep it lightweight and fresh. But, when we still have warming days and cool nights, then you should keep the layering fur pieces, which will save you from unexpected cold winds. What I like about this trend, then it’s really becoming season-less. Give a touch of glamour into your cocktail party look. Keep it light, fun and use this fabric as an unexpected accent.