Simple earrings are already old fashioned and for sure they are not original. If you really want to amaze everyone with your look, then try on fashionable ear cuffs. They are a new kind of earrings, which can accessorize your ears and look amazing. This earrings style can be attached behind the ear or you can clamp them at the middle or upper part of the ear. This accessory is known already from the Bronze Age, so it has really rich history behind.

For spring and summer time these accessories are best ones and you can find plenty of styles and variations of cuffs. Here below you will find a beautiful compilations to get inspired.

Ear Cuffs with chains

These kind of earrings can be fasten not only by clip, yet in the pierced ear. So if your ear isn’t pierced then lots of models that won’t suit you.

“Elf Ear” Cuffs

These earrings will for sure catch lots of people attention. This style will suit lots of parties. If you are not fan of fantasies, then it’s time to become one of them!

women's elf ear cuffs

Cuffs accessorized with dragons and other creatures

I like these accessories for their creativity as they can be in forms of any fairy tale creature. As you can see there are dragons, snakes, frogs etc.

ear cuffs with dragons and creatures

Feather cuffs

What else can be told? it’s very bright accessory that gives you an adventurous touch.

Studded ear cuffs

If you like to look strong and rebel, then these studs will work just right!

Men’s ear cuffs

I’d like to share with you menswear cuffs, which look as great as women’s ones.