Today’s topic will be the skater skirt and how to style it with your wardrobe items. It’s summer outside and we are ready to wear simple white tees with leather jackets and your lovely and hot cutoffs. Well, I think many of girls and women are wearing this kind of style nowadays and it seems to me that you want to look different, right? So, why don’t you try on flared mini high-waisted skirt instead of cutoffs, looks pretty and trendy!

fashion trend skater skirt

The skater skirt will suit any season, as many brands offer this style in different fabrics. My favorite style for winter is heavy tights, skater skirt, boots, lovely blouse or slouchy winter jumper and chic coat to stay warm, yet for summer time I love to go out in funky top, bare legs, hot heels (or gladiators) and that high-waisted skirt.

winter outfit

This skirt makes your legs to look longer, it hides your curves if you have it and it suits any body type. As you can see below, this skirt comes in so many styles and designs.

leather outfit

It’s interesting to know, that this type of skirt isn’t a new trend, it was popular back in the 1980’s, when the skating fashion was really popular. I think you already know why this skirt is named like that, due to the skating dancers style.

Stylists suggest us to wear them in leather, as it adds sharp, edgy look and makes you hot. I have collected some really cool images of fashionistas, models and simply stylish girls who wear skater skirts in the streets of different cities.

skirt in black and golden

Some of the wearers style this skirt with classic pumps, stilettos or high heeled shoes. Some like it with sneakers, well if you like experimenting, then WHY NOT?! I personally think that high heeled ankle boots make this skirt look a bit rock and roll, yet girlsih. Those who want to look like a real hipster, then I advice to style this skirt with simple tennis shoes.

hipster style

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