This fall season bad girl style rules the fashion world. It’s no a secret, grunge style is back offering creative, sub-genre looks, including glam, neo, as well as indie. Grunge style is not something dark, horrifying and dirty. It’s about new elegance, dare-to-be looks and unique style that gives you originality and singularity. Here below you will find a compilation of looks that will inspire you and make your style even better, casual and with a unique new grunge touch.

How to Be a 90’s Grunge Chic

Grunge style looks bold and outrageous. The modern fashion has developed this sub-culture by offering its clientèle sub-genre looks. That’s why the following looks are more girlish and sophisticated. We see great layer-worthy button downs, slip dresses, denim basics styled with mannish combat boots.

If you have finally decided to get yourself an awesome 1990s look, then I’d like to show you my favorite casual trends, which are updated with contemporary details. The most important rule in this particular style is the right balance of wearing typical nineties elements by mixing them with modern fashion essentials. Anyway, I think it’s better to see combinations to understand what I mean.

Modern Grungy Styles For Women

Please welcome modern grunge style outfits for contemporary women. It’s like mixing up all the innovations with cool plaid shirts, combat boots, slouchy backpacks and ripped denim, making its wearer look different and statement. If you are bold and outrageous person, then this trend is meant for you.

Speaking of must-have essentials, then keep in mind denims, which can be a vest, jacket, shorts, skinny or baggy jeans (they can be ripped, washed or worn-out), as well as leather fabric garments, which can be worn as a jacket, pants or dress. The grunge is more about slow and no heel boots, but for evening events there can be exclusions. Keep an eye on details. You can finish the look by adding edgy accessories. All in all, I bring you these easy fashion tips, which will make you look differently in the crowd.