The 70’s come back almost every fall-Winter season. In today’s post I want to draw your attention to the fall trend alert: 1970’s fashion update. It’s all about glamour girl who has been transformed into free-spirited bohemian with all those florals, flares and earth tones.

There are plenty of things from the 1970’s fashion: romantic bohemian silhouettes, hippie prints, details, suede, flare pants, etc. The modern makeover comes with exciting high-quality fabrics and fun styling. The comeback combines elegance with hippie touches. The vintage fashion standards come back with contemporary details making each look special. The 1970’s style is flexible for everyday wardrobes, so you can incorporate those pretty looks with your favorite basics. If you are itching to figure out how to wear the key styles from that decade, then I am here to share with you fresh-off-the-runway essentials.

1970’S Women’s Style Ideas For Fall-Winter

The beginning in the 1970’s and continuing into 1975’s, wearing clothes was more about individuality and self-expression. Most people primarily dressed in ways to please themselves not other people around them. In other words, they wore what they liked. It looks like 70’s fashion comebacks alive with its updated shapes and silhouettes.

You’re gonna see flares, bell-bottom pants, gorgeous suits, maxis, furry coats, fur jackets, etc. Speaking of details and fabrics, then we see here different kinds of embroideries, animal prints, graphics, dark colors, stripes, checks, satin, corduroy and velvet textures. This trend comes with updated hippie styles and boho chic outfits. Lots of designers offer its clientèle stunning looks with great hints to 1970’s.