Today we are going to speak about rules we should follow before buying the perfect frames and which are the eyeglasses trends nowadays.

eyeglasses trends & how to find the perfect frames

Picking the right pair of eyeglasses and its frame is quite difficult job, as there are so many Wayfarers, Aviators, CatEyes etc. around us. So, the firs step is to find the right glasses for your face shape and the general rule here is that you should select frames that are opposite of your face shape, like if you have a round face then do not select round glasses, if you have a rectangular face, then round glasses will probably suit you, dig it?

Everywhere should be the right balance. But what if you do not know what’s is your face shape, then here are some basic ways to know that these glasses are not meant for you:

1) the frames look too heavily on my cheeks- BAD;
2) the glasses extend too far off the sides of the face- BAD;
3) the ends of the arms not rest over the ears- BAD, the glasses are small for you.