Today I want to show you best everyday clothing ideas for women over 50. The most important thing in 50’s women wardrobe is to choose ageless spirit, which make you look 10 years younger. That’s why I have made this awesome compilation of sophisticated and trendy clothing sets.

jeans outfits for women over 50

  • The first rule is to let go of baggy garments which weigh you down.
  • Try to buy apparel which makes you look fresh and cute, like fitted and bright color tops, as well as adding bright accessories with sparkling details.
  • Never wear drab and boring looks. It’s better to try on flattering and slim-fit styles.
  • Accentuate your natural curves and purchase slimming garments.
  • Talking about shapeless tops, boxy sweaters, roomy blouses and outerwear: everything depends on your shape and personal tastes, since most of these styles are more suitable for younger generation.
  • You can always try on wrap blouse to add an edgy appearance.
  • Look for patterned knits in cashmere, mohair and rich yarn.
  • Some women go for long, elongated cardigans, which add that special layering effect to your overall look.

Casual Wardrobe Staples For Women Over 50

There are known some know-how techniques of casual styling that are perfect for your everyday looks. So, let’s begin our trip into the world of basic and classy looks of women’s over 50.

As you already noticed, the fashion for those who are already over 50 doesn’t looks differently from the nowadays fashion styles. That’s why keep things simple, buy qualitative fabric clothes. Choose comfortable, choose knits for winter and silk for summer. Do not choose too tight or baggy apparel and make it cool. The major rule for all of you: do not lose comfort just for good looks, as the most important thing for you in your ages is comfort. Try to choose things that would balance the style and comfort. Keep in mind one thing: Fashion should be functional.

Best Shoes Tips

Shoes are another important aspect which we should take over and see which shoes you should and shouldn’t wear in your daily life. Of course we have so many various occasions and purposes in our lives which make us buy different style of shoes, but we all know that in general we should choose those shoes which are appropriate for our ages. That’s why it’s better to choose shorter heels or flat options for your walking and working.

trendy comfortable shoes

If you are attending some kind of party, then I advice you to choose classic shoes with not too high heels. If we speak about winter season, then believe me, the best option will be middle height and ankle high boots (forget about knee-high boots and thigh-high boots), so the best choice so far is comfort.