In case you didn’t know, then I remind you: dungarees & denim overalls are back! This trend comes from the 1980’s and 1990’s from rap urban life and farmers uniforms. I think you see the overalls all around the street and the catwalks. Many celebrities appear wearing them, as they know for sure, this wardrobe piece is so much comfortable and easy to wear.

There are so many comfortable, practical and incredibly stylish models that can be worn with other wardrobe pieces, so we welcome back overalls in fashion. For today’s review I have chosen the street style ideas to inspire you to wear this eye-catching piece of cloth.

celebrities in dungarees denim overall & short overalls

Tips to wear Dungarees

Before you start exploring the following types of overalls, I’d like to give you some tips:

  • Make the dungarees & denim overalls look as modern as possible.
  • Avoid wide crew neck, baggy shirts, which will make you look like a child
  • It’s better to go for striped tees and crisp white blouses.
  • The best thing to try is to go classic with white shirt and black blazer on top.
  • To underline your uniqueness: Try on statement necklace, big clutch, beautiful pumps, some gold bracelets and wayfarer shades.
  • If you want something sophisticated: Try layering your look with a leather jacket, a cool blazer, raincoats or parkas with hot heels, but listen, try to do things simple. If it’s still chilly outside, then you can always try on spring coat with your casual essentials.

Denim Overall

Fashion designer and brands resurrected overalls/dungarees for a good reason: they are made for your comfort and for simple wear. You can find classic stone wash denim designs in awesome modern designs, with slim fits, which ideally accentuate wearer’s body.

Now, how to style jeans overalls? Traditionally, this wardrobe piece was designed to be worn over or under another layer of clothing to make an extra protection while wearing it. I advice you to treat them like dresses, layer it with chic outerwear add hipster like garments that will make you to stand-out the crowd.

how to wear an overall

Short Overalls

There are ladies who afraid to try it on, thinking they look like little girls, but believe me, you will never go wrong sporting this look. This kind of wear is an instant outfit, easy to style and very comfy. You can combine it with crop tops which add that special workout look, or simple and fun shirts and blouses to finish the look. When it comes to footwear, feel free to wear sneakers, heels, sandals, slip-ons and various chunky footwear.

Overalls are an ideal for almost any event, perfect for wearing in your everyday life, on Fridays at the office, cocktail parties and meeting up with your friends. There are chic versions that go glamour for a night outs. The dungarees work perfect for all ages and they looks super cool on any lady.

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