Boyfriend jeans are a particular style of jeans that works perfectly for casual days. They are so comfy and practical, that sometimes you do not feel like wearing jeans. Many fashionistas are seen in the streets enjoying these casual and sloppy designs. That’s why today you are about to see baggy, ripped, low-rise designs, which look effortlessly cool and comfy.

These jeans are an extreme statement piece, as many girls and women try to find more oversized models. I like these jeans for their flattering shape. The best designs so far are slouchy at the hips but fairly slim on the leg and the mid-rise. If you are looking for something more than skinnies, then I highly recommend you to think of this jeans style.

If you already found the perfect boyfriend jeans, then it’s time to style them. Keep in mind these things:

  • You can dress them down for a street-wear inspired look or dress them up for a polished update.
  • The slouchy look which can be teamed with equally loose and slouchy fit top and structured pointy-toe shoes and boxy bag.
  • If it’s sunny and warm outside try on midriff baring top. This look balance out the lower silhouette. Wear them with a half-tucked in shirt or cool t-shirt teamed with bomber jacket and sneakers.