Today I’d like to share with you a great compilation of retro eyeglasses with an upscale feel, yes, I am talking about glasses with clear frames. Transparent eyeglasses are comfortable and thanks to sturdy plastic body they look stylish and trendy. What I love the most about transparent frames is that they look great almost on everyone. Nowadays fashion offers lots of cool retro inspired, modern and classic transparent frames.

Clear glasses frames will look perfect with any outfit, thanks to the lack of color they will suit your casual outfit, formal wear, like pantsuit or skirt suit and what is more important is that they are unisex frames that are both perfect for men and women.

cool trend transparent glasses frames

Aren’t they great, hip and fun?

It’s no wonder, why transparent glasses frames are in fashion in the recent years. I personally love retro glasses, as they look both modern and vintage.

transparent glasses frame

Fashion offers us different styles of clear glasses: ray bans, cat-eye glasses, square frames etc. So, if you are lady and you want to underline your make up then translucent glasses will work perfectly.

transparent frame