Sometimes you remember certain people by their look and the way they dress and their style of clothing becomes a business card. Let’s take a look at some celebrities style:

1. Steve Jobs black turtleneck: Steve’s famous black turtleneck. Every year he bought couple of identical black turtlenecks from St. Croix in Minnesota costs $ 175 a piece.

steve jobs iconic celebrities style

2. Diane Keaton: gloves: Diane Keaton has become an icon of celebrities style of style back in 1977. Now the 65-year-old Diane dresses so stylish and chic. She always wears conservative ensembles in white, black or khaki and these gorgeous gloves.

diane keaton iconic celebrities style

3. Hillary Clinton pantsuit: Hillary Clinton has been always dressed in so bold fresh color suits, that it became her calling card. Her suits were made in sky-blue colors, canary yellow.

hillary clinton power pant suits

4. Katharine Hepburn: pants. Actress Katharine Hepburn was one of the first ladies, who started to wear wide trousers instead of skirts. Take a look at these amazing elegant and comfort trousers.

katharine hepburn iconic style

5. Mark Zuckerberg: hooded sweatshirts. Please welcome Mark Zuckerberg Style of clothing is like student: Mark chooses sweater, jeans and sneakers. One accessory which goes with jumper is hood. And despite the fact that Facebook now is worth 100 milliard, Zuckerberg has not changed the style of clothes.

mark zuckerberg sober style

6. Karl Lagerfeld: gloves, tuxedo and dark glasses. The chief designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld is always recognizable by his long white hair with snow-white tail, gloves, tuxedo and dark glasses.

karl lagerfeld iconic style