Let’s continue our journey into the world of haircuts for women. Let’s speak about cascade and bob haircuts that are so ideal for women nowadays.

cascade and bob haircuts

Cascade and bob haircuts are quite trendy styles that look original, elegant and solve hair volume problem. They can be styled and layered in different ways: in natural or careless style.

Cascade Haircuts

This hairstyle is a stair step smooth transition from the top and the back side of the head to the ends of the hair. Cascade haircut suit for bangs lovers as well as for those who do not wear and hate bangs. It suits all kinds of dyeing, suits all face and hair shapes, takes less time for styling.

cascade and bob haircuts for women

The cascade starts from the chin, while the transitions of the long hair can be smooth and sharp. Most of cascade haircuts feature different types of bangs. It can be styled in various ways, starting from simple hairdryer, hair sprays, curlers, hair iron to curling.

Long Women’s Hair: Cascade Haircuts

You should know, that cascading haircuts have different volumes and effectiveness on curvy, asymmetric and smooth hair, that’s why you can choose any version of cascade haircut.

Medium Cascade

medium cascade and bob haircuts

It’s no doubt that midium cascade length locks have lots of pluses, as they always look natural, you can make almost any hairstyle. The most pleasant fact is that medium haircuts are quite various, that’s why it’s no hard thing experimenting and changing your hair style.

Bob Haircuts

The bob haircut is also a trendy cut nowadays, its length may vary from the shoulders to the chain with semicircular edges or layering transition. If you will use layering transition, then it will maximize the volume of the hair. It’s quite popular to make bangs with bob haircuts, but everything depends on your personal choice.

short bob

Modern Lob (Long Bob) Haircuts

Modern LOB (long bob) is a medium length hairstyle that looks marvelous on any woman with any face shape. It’s always classic, as you can wear it without any drastic updates. Of course, you can go for a whole new level, by adding curls, blunts, asymmetric deep parts or cool beachy waves. In other other words, there are endless options to try, but the best part is the easiness of styling. You can look either romantic or sophisticated.

Another great plus of such style is the femininity that makes any woman look simply WOW. Do you know ambassadors of the lob look? Well, it’s for sure Jessica Alba, Alexa Chung, Nicole Warne, Leigh Lezark, etc. Another great news is that long bobs look perfect on women who are over 30 (making them look younger), that’s why it’s a strategic cut that makes you look both youthful and elegant.

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