In today’s article I am going to share with you the best camel coats you can buy this season. Why should you invest in a camel coat? Well, it’s a modern day closet basic cover-up. It’s like owning a plain white or black T-shirt or slim fit jeans. These are the kind of items you know are in your closet, the must-haves.

This fall-winter season camel coat is updated with extra details, styles, lengths, shapes and color shades. Personally, I like the ones what come in a cool, oversized, wraparound and midi-length styles. You can wear it with mini A-line skirts, cool trainers or kicks, zip-up cardis or faded blue jeans. In other words, it’s a neutral shade topper, that is timeless and flatters on almost every skin tone. Another great plus of such coat is the fresh feeling what still remains classic and somewhat business appropriate. Its a gorgeous cover-up what can be matched with everything you want, starting from casual cashmere sweaters and leggings to formal apparel and cocktail dresses. All in all, it’s a perfect every day topper.

How To Wear Women’s Classic Camel Coats

The camel coat looks like this kind of outerwear hits back, as we see awesome and timeless designs which are worn by many fashionistas and trendsetters in the streets. This look is ideal for those who want to throw it over their office outfits. Each of the showcased designs looks sophisticated and classy. There are great numbers with sleek lines, soft hair fabrics and bold details, which look classic and ladylike. I tell you more, if you ask yourself: “what to wear to work during these chilly days?”, then this statement piece will complete your look in one second. No wonder why this outerwear is the definition of classic elegance and luxury. I kind of like that mannish, tailored and slouchy look, which makes this garment so fashionable.

That’s kind of cocoon, robe-like style, which can be styled with cable knit sweater, cuffed boyfriends, light brown booties and statement, leather tote. If you want to make it look more feminine, then I advice you to embellish this look with a floral scarf.

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