Today I’m going to share with you this helpful collection of women’s business attire: dresses for women over 40. Time makes changes to our body and face. The biggest mistake of mature women in the way they dress for work is to stay stuck with what worked for them two decades before. The following set collection will help you to avoid it while giving you the best tips for business casual and formal dress in corporate office if you are a women over 40.

As you can see from the images, every buy has the right fit for the body. Here some tips:

  • The gown should not be too tight, too loose or too short. In other words: minimize your limitations and emphasize your assets.
  • It’s better to wear classic dresses and try to forget about trends. It’s difficult to find the appropriate fit of trendy looks, as they are meant for ladies from 20 to 30.
  • Look for the accessories line, choose the right accessories and jewelry, and build your own collection from Monday to Friday. Keep your eyes on stylish heels, flats, bright clutches, purses and jewelry. I mean, just imagine the way it can change your classic look into something glamour and stylish.
  • Speaking of colors and prints, of course black is the universal option, but you can always experiment with prints. The only thing (my personal suggestion): do not go for bright colors, know the colors which work perfect for you.
  • Keep your eyes on comfortable wear, which consists of natural fibers, fits well and doesn’t hurt your feet.
  • Keep the layering (choose the right blazers to cover your ensemble).