If there is any trend that makes everyone happy, then it would be bohemian look. Today I want to show you bohemian fashion trends to wear this year. This trend features some parts from hipsters, free spirited gypsies and hippies essentials. Indeed, the unique look makes these outfits original and youthful. I am going to show you some of the wardrobe must haves to own this year, so get inspired now:

Keep it awesome with a floppy hat, vintage tunic dress, cool aviator sunglasses, brown belt to show off your silhouette and sweet lace-up booties.

Why do so many ladies fall in love with this trend? It looks natural and very individual. Thanks to these expressive and creative Polyvore ideas you are going to make a truly romantic outfit. The best part of Boho is there are no rules and guidelines on what and how to wear- freedom of choice. Well, it’s just partly truth. In real life, you can mix and match various styles, but combine everything with a great balance.

A must have is flared jeans. They are ideal for making a any look you want. No matter what is your body type, you can wear them with cool tapestry blouses, tunics and fringed jackets. Sun hats will for sure add a girlish vibe to your outfit. Go for a woven straw design and create your great summer looks. The light cardigans are best known layers, go for a chunky design and combine it with lightweight dresses and your favorite accessories. My favorite knits are loose-fit and flowy ones.

Speaking of accessories, then I recommend you to try on natural materials: shell earrings, wooden bangles, feather earrings and necklaces, etc. Thanks to natural materials you are going to create unique and striking look. Go for vintage inspired clothes, I love the way many fashionistas bring vintage styles to a modern era. All in all, keep it organic, detailed, colorful and simple.

Bohemian Chic Style Ideas For Fall-Winter

I am going to show you some of the best bohemian ideas to wear boho-chic fashion garments for Autumn-Winter. What I love about this style, then it’s the vintage-inspired look, free-spirited mood and descriptive details. I have gathered pre-fall season looks with awesome boho style touches. You are going to be amazed by the beauty of the following outfits.

Every look is made of natural fabrics, including silk, suede, leather, denim, cotton, velvet, linen, fur, etc. This trend is formerly worn during summer days, but as you see it can form some very comfy looks for fall season too. In this compilation you are going to see turtleneck pleated dresses styled with poncho-cardigans, fur jackets teamed with rich blue velvet flares, fuchsia suede blazers styled with pink striped turtlenecks, pleated boot-cut chinos and floppy burgundy hats, maxi pink skirts worn with striped knitwear, great light brown leather jackets worn with maxi printed skirts and many other interesting outfit combinations.

As you have already noticed, there are several characteristics that feature almost every look and it’s the use of multiple layers, oversized knits, great variety of accessories and bright prints. All in all, there are various multi-layered style ideas to try on this year.